Classes for Adults and Children

Classes include stretching and step practice.  Wear comfortable clothing that permits you to take long steps, typically a loose-fitting skirt for women and slacks for men, and soft-soled shoes.

Studio Location

We dance at Ballroom in the Sky, a private studio located at 19 North Peak Road in West Lake Hills.  There is no studio signage.  Park on the street, then walk up the driveway and straight back through the carport.  You’ll see an exterior staircase on the right, and you’ll hear music overhead.

Adult Classes

Adult Class: Tuesdays 7.30-9.30 pm, Ballroom in the Sky.  Newcomers welcome any day! We do a mix of simple and complex dances to maximize the fun for everyone.  Beginners may be asked to watch a dance or two during the evening for inspiration.


Children’s Class

Children, ages 6 and up or by teacher consent.  Classes meet at Ballroom in the Sky.  Parents welcome to watch or dance, but this class is designed for kids and includes rhythmic movement and dance etiquette as well as a variety of traditional and modern dances.  This class is not currently being held. If you wish to be notified when class resumes, please email Kate at