Classes for Adults and Children

Classes include stretching and step practice.  Wear comfortable clothing that permits you to take long steps, typically a loose-fitting skirt for women and slacks for men, and soft-soled shoes.


Studio Location

We dance at Ballroom in the Sky, a private studio located at 19 North Peak Road in West Lake Hills.

Adult Basic

Adult Basic: Tuesdays, 7.30-8.40, Ballroom in the Sky.  Class for intermediate/advanced adult dancers begins immediately afterward.  Plan to stay and dance what you can or learn by watching.

Children’s Class

Children, ages 6 and up or by teacher consent: Tuesdays, 6-7, Ballroom in the Sky.  Parents welcome to watch or dance, but this class is designed for kids and includes rhythmic movement and dance etiquette as well as a variety of traditional and modern dances.

About SCD

Scottish country dancing is a traditional social dance form in which groups of couples follow a specified pattern to the music.  It is related to contra dancing, English country dance and Old Time dancing.  Scottish country dance (SCD) features energetic reels and jigs, and we enjoy the slower, elegant strathspey as well. SCD is the best of all worlds:  mental and physical activity, plus a great social arena, accompanied by fantastic music!

Calendar of Upcoming Events

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About Us

We are the Austin Scottish Country Dance Society.

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Contact Us:

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Kate Bio

Here is info about Kate’s training and dance expertise

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Sarah Bio

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Marty Bio

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Past Events

We hold an annual bake sale at the Austin Celtic Festival, (usually in November) where we also dance a demonstration and workshop.  Come try our delicious baked goods and enjoy some dancing!

Our annual St. Andrew’s Ball in December is the highlight of the year.  We dance to live music from some of the best in the Scottish country dance world, and draw dancers from all over Texas.

Dancers can party at the SCDA’s Midsummer Ball in Austin, or travel to San Antonio, Houston, and further to enjoy balls and workshop worldwide.